Ordinary Annual general meeting


Current information on the Annual General Meetings of :be AG incl. archive. The first Annual General Meeting as a listed company is scheduled for 2022.

1. ordinary general meeting of :be AG

The Management Board of :be AG with its registered office in Lustenau, registered in the commercial register of the Regional Court of Feldkirch under FN 543031a ("Company"), invites the shareholders of the Company to the ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING to be held on 20.06.2022, at 4.00 p.m. (CEST, local time Lustenau) at the Company's premises at Millennium Park 20, 6890 Lustenau, Austria.


Please note: The language of the proceedings is German - a certified english translation of the agenda items and presentation of shareholders' rights for information purposes is added below. The Annual Report will be available exclusively in German. 


In the aftermath of the event

A successful start! The first general meeting of :be AG as a listed company went well. As a presence - AGM we could welcome many known and some new shareholders personally. A more detailed report, photos, the presentation and further documents (voting results etc.) will follow in the next few days.

Voting results

All agenda items (2-9) received unanimous positive responses; the notary's report follows.

  1. Protocol (german only)

Further Information

Below the further information according to the convocation pursuant to Section 106 AktG in the Vienna Official Gazette of 21.05.2022

1. AGM documents (s. 106 4. Austrian Companies Law)
2. Proof-of-shareholding reference date and requirements for participation at the Annual General Meeting (s. 106 6. and 7. Austrian Companies Law)
3. Note on shareholders’ rights under ss. 109, 110 and 118 Austrian Companies Law (s. 106 5. Austrian Companies Law)
4. Representation by proxies (s. 106 8. Austrian Companies Law)
5. Total number of shares and voting rights (§ 106 9. Austrian Companies Law)